Vertical Silicone Cure Tower

vertical silicone tubing cure tower

Custom designed vertical silicone tube curing system utilizing two ChamberIR heaters mounted on an extruded aluminum frame.  The system saves on floor space and maintains the tubing shape while preventing belt tracks and ensures high quality results.  The tower supports inspection, treatment, printing, cutting, and spooling within the tower footprint.

Multi Zone Industrial Chamber Heater Cart

IR Industrial Heater Carts

The custom designed rectangular chamber curing system uses high intensity infrared lamps and polished aluminum reflectors to deliver heat precisely where it is needed for many curing and drying applications on extrusion lines. It can be used effectively to provide a surface cure to rubber extrusions, dry adhesives and coatings on rubber or metal, and provide in-process curing between layers of multi-layer cable. The heater is configured into six zones that provide defined heat intensities to match the profile of the product passing through the heater. Multiple recipes are provided to allow quick change-over from product to product.

The system includes a rectangular shaped ChamberIR heater with an opening that is 14" wide by 4" high, an operator interface pedestal with a color touch-screen display, height adjustment with plus/minus 15 degrees of tilt off horizontal, and convenient connection points for power, water, and air. The system also includes an optical pyrometer to monitor product temperature, product guides located on both the input and output ends of the chamber, product brake sensing to shut power down based on line speed, and an air nozzle kit to provide forced air inside the heating chamber to increase efficiencies in curing and drying or to provide rapid cooling in the event of a line stoppage.

Biosolid Drum Dryer

Biosolid Drum Dryer PanelIR

Custom designed IR-8 infrared dryer drum and control system for drying biosolids and similar materials. Drying is performed by 4 IR heaters with a 25" heated length and 12" heated width, rated at 480V and 42.55 KW for 170.2 total KW. The 60" diameter drum dryer is equipped with tumbler plates and sits in a frame of extruded aluminum that is hinged to a welded steel base frame for tilting the drum dryer to discharge the material. The dryer frame is capped with exhaust hoods and a blower fan and wrapped in a stainless steel skin. A chute is attached at the loading end and a hopper at the discharge end to make for easy loading and unloading of material. The drum is spun by a drive motor attached via a chain and sprocket drive mechanism.

The control system is a three phase, 480V, 300A system for heating and logic control mounted and wired in a NEMA 12 enclosure. The system sets the heat level, dryer rotation speed, exhaust blower speed, and controls and monitors all functions of the process. A 5.7" color touch screen is used for operator control, process setup, and process data monitoring.

Water-cooled infrared heater to fit inside a 5 inch magnet


Custom designed water-cooled infrared (IR) heater to fit inside a 5 inch magnet. The IR heater has a 1.1 inch ID to accommodate customer supplied specimen tube. IR heater has 4 – 1000W short wavelength T3 lamps focused to the center of the chamber using polished aluminum elliptical reflectors.

IR heater can be operated with AC or DC voltage, each lamp is rated 1000W at 240 volts. The power supply for the IR heater should be design to operate the lamps overvoltage for greater heating potential. Water cooling rate: 1.0 gallon / minute. Electrical: two lamps wired in series lamp, 480 volts AC/DC or greater will drive lamps to full or greater output. 5kW @ 560 volts DC, 9 amps.