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Quartz Lamps

The LampIR Quartz infrared lamps produce high-density infrared energy that is focused in a variety of ways by our heaters. The lamps emit energy in the infrared region, which lies immediately above the visible range in the electromagnetic spectrum. The infrared region is divided into three categories, which consist of near, middle, and far infrared (or short-wave, medium-wave, and long-wave IR) and includes wavelengths from 0.78 microns to 1 micron.

We don't manufacture the lamps but have partnered with long-standing, reputable lamp manufacturers to obtain high quality, application specific lamps that will provide you with long life and the desired/required performance. If you don't find the specific lamp you are looking for in the literature links below, give us a call and our sales engineers will connect you with the proper replacement lamp for your product.

Lamp Highlights:

  • Short wavelength (1.15 source peak wavelength) and Medium wavelength (1.8 source peak wavelength) lamps available to match heating requirements for many applications
  • Instant Response, yield 90 percent output within three seconds and dissipates 90 percent energy within five seconds
  • Non-contact electric heat source. Clean, efficient heat source does not contact product being heated
  • Energy generated heats desired target area without heating surrounding areas
  • Heat flux densities (100 watt/linear inch or in some instance 200 watt/inch) provide rapid heat transfer to target product
  • Repeatable results can be achieved for consistent process outputs
  • Long lamp life. Average lamp life of 5000 hours for most lamps
  • Range of lengths available in more than 45 sizes and styles with lighted lengths from 2 to 38 inches (51 to 965 mm