ProductsModel 910 & 915

The Model 910 and 915 Power Control Systems are complete single-phase power control solutions designed specifically for our family of heaters. These standard packages are equipped with the appropriate power control and alarm functions to ensure proper heater function and long heating lamp life. 

The following features can be found in each model:

  • High Reliability/Low Maintenance - Solid-state electronic technology designed for long service life and low maintenance.
  • Precise Control - Control current or voltage from 0 to 97% with 0.1% resolution resulting in highly accurate, smooth process control capability.
  • Multiple Line Voltages/Amperages - Multiple models available from 240 to 600 volts and 50 to 160 amperes.
  • Phase Angle Power Control - Provides precise and stable voltage control. Includes soft-start to ensure long lamp life.
  • Fast - Switch load power on and off quickly providing the means to respond rapidly to command and load changes.
  • Control Options - Manual or closed loop control with thermocouple or pyrometer input capability.