ProjectsMulti Zone Industrial Chamber Heater Cart


The custom designed rectangular chamber curing system uses high intensity infrared lamps and polished aluminum reflectors to deliver heat precisely where it is needed for many curing and drying applications on extrusion lines. It can be used effectively to provide a surface cure to rubber extrusions, dry adhesives and coatings on rubber or metal, and provide in-process curing between layers of multi-layer cable. The heater is configured into six zones that provide defined heat intensities to match the profile of the product passing through the heater. Multiple recipes are provided to allow quick change-over from product to product.

The system includes a rectangular shaped ChamberIR heater with an opening that is 14" wide by 4" high, an operator interface pedestal with a color touch-screen display, height adjustment with plus/minus 15 degrees of tilt off horizontal, and convenient connection points for power, water, and air. The system also includes an optical pyrometer to monitor product temperature, product guides located on both the input and output ends of the chamber, product brake sensing to shut power down based on line speed, and an air nozzle kit to provide forced air inside the heating chamber to increase efficiencies in curing and drying or to provide rapid cooling in the event of a line stoppage.

Design Requirements: 
  • ​​Rectangular chamber opening
  • Hinged lid
  • Product guides with adjustable height and width
  • Industrial cart
  • Built in cooling and exhaust
Design Features: 
  • Rectangular chamber opening, 14" wide x 4" high designed for flat product
  • Heated area is 13.5" wide x 25" long​
  • 18 short wavelength T3 lamps mounted nine on the top and nine on the bottom
  • Hinged lid operates with an air cylinder controlled by the operator display screen or remotely via a set of dry contacts
  • 12" wide product guides with adjustable height and width.
  • Chamber is water-cooled and includes flow switch and thermostat switch for preotection
  • Cart is made with structural aluminum frame and 4" wheels
Support Systems: 
  • ​Allen Bradley PLC with color touch screen display mounted on the operator pedestal
  • Six independently controlled heating zones
  • 20 recipe storage capability