ApplicationsHeat Solar Collector Parts


A joint venture to develop and commercialize economically-competitive solar collectors heating metal to simulate solar energy.

  • Testing - The heat-pipe receiver, which transfers heat from the solar absorber to the heater head tubes of the power generator, needed to be tested for efficiency.
  • Solar Energy - Testing needed to simulate the solar energy that would be received by the heat-pipe.
  • Required Temperatures - The required test temperature was 1247F (675C).
  • Heat - Three Model 5209 High Density Infrared Heaters were installed in each of several test cells to simulate the solar energy.
  • Power Control - A Model 664F Phase Angle SCR Power Controller controls the power to the High Density Infrared Heaters in each test cell.
  • Solar Simulation - With the capability for each Model 5209 High Density Infrared Heater to generate temperatures in excess of 3000F (1650C) and heat flux densities to 100 KW per square foot (1080 KW per square meter), the heat-pipe receiver could be adequately tested for the joint venture.