ApplicationsHeat Shrink Battery Parts


A manufacturer of batteries heat shrinking power cells together.

  • Slow Process - Existing method used convective hot air to heat shrink the shrink tubing and took 65 seconds to complete.
  • Labor Intensive - Six operators were needed to heat shrink the power cells together.
  • Heat - Three Model 5306-10 Infrared Strip Heaters were encased in a conveyorized oven to heat shrink the shrink tubing around the power cells.
  • Instant On/Off - The Infrared Strip Heaters heated up and cooled down instantly.
  • Power Control - A Model 666F Phase Angle SCR Power Controller controlled the power to the Infrared Strip Heaters.
  • Increased Speed - The Model 5306 Infrared Strip Heaters reduced the heat shrinking time to five seconds.
  • Automated Process - The decreased heat shrinking time enabled the manufacturer to automate the process and complete it with a single operator.
  • Decreased Energy Consumption - The manufacturer consumed less energy as a result of the instant on/off capabilities of the Infrared Strip Heaters.