ApplicationsHeat Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic


A research and development facility developing a method to heat, arrange and consolidate continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic tape.

  • Temperature Requirement - Required tape temperatures varied and reached a maximum of 750F (400C).
  • Line Speed - Line speed varied and reached a maximum of 99 feet (30 meters) per minute was required.
  • Tape Burn - The tape burned easily if heat continued to be applied after the line stopped moving.
  • Heat - A Model E4-10 Quad Ellipse Chamber was installed on the line to heat the tape.
  • Instant On/Off - The Quad Ellipse Chamber heated up and cooled down instantly.
  • Protected Heat Source - An optional quartz tube liner was inserted in the Quad Ellipse Chamber.
  • Power Control - A Model 664F Phase Angle SCR Power Controller controlled the power to the Quad Ellipse Chamber.
  • Temperature Requirement - The Quad Ellipse Chamber could achieve temperatures in excess of 2700F (1482C). By varying the power to the Quad Ellipse Chamber with the SCR Power Controller, the facility was able to adjust heat output to reach the various required tape temperatures.
  • Line Speed - Required temperatures could be reached in 0.5 seconds, enabling the facility to reach maximum required line speeds.
  • Consistent Quality - The instant on/off capabilities of the Quad Ellipse Chamber eliminated tape burn when the line stopped moving.
  • Protected Heat Source - The quartz tube liner kept contaminants from the reflectors in the Quad Ellipse Chamber, increasing the Chamber's efficiency and decreasing the need to clean the reflectors.