ApplicationsHeat and Cut Plastic Parts


A manufacturer of speciality plastic products cutting tubular plastic stock to length.

  • Poor Quality - The tubular plastic stock was cut with a knife that produced chipped and ragged cut edges.
  • Stock Differences - The tubular plastic stock was made in a variety of sizes and colors.
  • Heat - Two Model 4185-05 Infrared Strip Heaters were enclosed on opposing sides of a reflector unit installed on the production conveyor to heat the plastic stock before it was cut.
  • Power Control - A Model 609 Phase Angle SCR Power Controller with a remote-mountable one-turn potentiometer controlled the power to the Infrared Strip Heaters.
  • Improved Quality - By applying precisely controlled heat with the Model 4185 Infrared Strip Heaters just before the plastic was cut, the manufacturer softened the plastic, resulting in a clean, smooth cut.
  • Adjustable Heat - The potentiometer adjusted the Infrared Strip Heaters for the varying sizes and colors of plastic.