ApplicationsDry Paint on Boards


A manufacturer of home electronics drying water-based paint applied to particle board.

  • Environmental Issues - Solvent-based paints could no longer be used due to tighter air quality standards and the manufacturer's own concern for the environment.
  • Poor Quality - Water-based paint took too long to dry, causing the grain to raise on the particle board.
  • Heat - Two Research, Inc. Model 4554-A-38-12 High Density Pyropanels were mounted side-by-side above the product, parallel to the product flow, to dry the water-based paint.
  • Power Control - Two Model 664K Phase Angle SCR Power Controllers controlled the Pyropanels.
  • Improved Quality - Drying the water-based paint with the Model 4554 High Density Pyropanels eliminated the raised grain on the particle board.
  • Decreased Costs - The manufacturer no longer had to pay for permits to use solvent-based paint.
  • Better Environment - The water-based paint did not have the negative impact on the environment that had been associated with the solvent-based paint.