ApplicationsDry Adhesive on Nylon


A manufacturer of fishing line drying solvent-based adhesive around the nylon core of fly-fishing line.

  • Inconsistent Quality - Existing long-wave black body heaters used to dry the solvent-based adhesive were unresponsive to changes in line speed resulting in inconsistent quality of the fly-fishing line.
  • Slow Speed - The existing heat source installed in the available space required slow line speeds to provide the necessary heat flux transfer.
  • Increasing Production Requirements - Without claiming additional space for the adhesive drying process the manufacturer needed to increase production output to satisfy demand for the fishing line.
  • Heat - Model 4185-10 Infrared Strip Heaters were used to apply heat to the adhesive after the first and second coatings were applied.
  • Power Control - The Infrared Strip Heaters were controlled with a Model 664F Phase Angle SCR Power Controller.
  • Vertical Installation - Using vertical burn lamps, the Infrared Strip Heaters were installed vertically in the adhesive line.
  • Reduced Power Consumption - Only 1.8 KW of power was required to dry the adhesive, a 72 percent reduction from the previous method.
  • Reduced Heated Length - The Infrared Strip Heaters reduced heated length from over four feet (1.2 meters) to ten inches (254 mm).
  • Well-Utilized Space - The vertical installation of the Infrared Strip Heaters did not use valuable floor space.
  • Improved Quality - Controlled by the SCR Power Controller, the Infrared Strip Heaters responded instantly to changes in line speed and eliminated the quality problems previously encountered.
  • Increased Speed - The heat density provided by the Infrared Strip Heaters enabled the manufacturer to increase line speed to the rate required to meet production output requirements.