ApplicationsBond Plastic Lamination


A manufacturer of envelopes used for employee badges, drivers licenses, identification cards, etc. bonding two edges of plastic lamination.

  • Limited Production Output - Existing resistive heat source could not produce enough bonded plastic lamination to keep up with production demands. 
  • Poor Quality - The bonded edge of the plastic lamination was uneven and wavy when produced with the existing resistive heat source. 
  • Excessive Scrap - When the line stopped, the existing resistive heat source scorched the plastic lamination, producing an unacceptable amount of scrapped product. 
  • Heat - Four Model 5194-25 Infrared Line Heaters focused heat on the top and bottom of both outer edges of the plastic lamination strips. 
  • Heat Shields - Stainless steel heat shields were installed over the center of the plastic lamination. 
  • Instant On/Off - The Infrared Line Heaters heated up and cooled down instantly in response to changes in line speed. 
  • Increased Production Output - By using Model 5194 Infrared Line Heaters, the manufacturer increased production output from 350 to 1,100 pieces per hour. 
  • Efficient Heat Source - The time the plastic lamination was exposed to heat decreased from 20 to 3.3 seconds per piece using the Infrared Line Heaters, enabling the manufacture to increase line speed. 
  • Improved Quality - The focused heat and heat shields increased line speed. The decreased dwell time eliminated the uneven, wavy bonded edge on the plastic lamination and consistently produced a high quality product. 
  • Reduced Scrap - The instant on/off capabilities of the Infrared Line Heaters enabled the line to stop without the plastic lamination being scorched.