ApplicationsAnneal Plastic to Wire

A fiber optic processor extruding multiple layers of various plastics on to a fiber optic cable and steel core.
  • Poor Quality - The cable was failing various transmission tests. 
  • Varying Materials - Several types of plastic were being used and there were mixed materials within the plastic-fiber optic cables and steel carrier. 
  • Line Speed - The manufacturer required line speeds of up to 147 feet (45 meters) per minute. 


  • Heat - A Model E4-10 Quad Ellipse Chamber was installed to anneal the multi-layer plastic extrudate.
  • Power Control - A Model 664F Phase Angle SCR Power Controller controlled the power to the Quad Ellipse Chamber.


  • Improved Quality - By annealing the plastic extrudate on to the wire and cable, the manufacture was able to consistently produce cables that passed all transmission tests. 
  • Power Control - By varying the power supplied to the Quad Ellipse Chamber with the SCR Power Controller, the manufacturer was able to anneal the different materials used to manufacture the cable with a single heat source. 
  • Line Speed - Required line speeds of 147 feet (45 meters) per minute were maintained.