ApplicationsHeat Window Caulk


A manufacturer heating continuous window caulking (Manas 22-B) to soften it before it was wrapped around windows.

  • Environmental Concerns - OSHA/environmental issues forced the manufacturer to look for an alternative to heating the window caulking with a convection gas system.
  • Heat - A Model 5194-05 Infrared Line Heater was used to preheat the caulking to 105F (41C).
  • Power Control - A Model 5620 Phase Angle SCR Power Controller controlled the power to the heater.
  • Instant On/Off - The quartz lamp in the Infrared Line Heater heated up and cooled down instantly in response to power changes.
  • Environmentally Safe - The Infrared Line Heater provided the manufacturer with an environmentally safe method of heating the caulking.
  • Responsive Heat Source - The design of the Infrared Line Heaters, combined with the instant on/off capability of the lamps, allowed the manufacturer to start and stop the heating process as required by the production line.