ApplicationsCure Epoxy on Aluminum

A manufacturer curing epoxy on aluminum stators for starter motors.
  • Batch Processing - The existing gas oven being used to cure the epoxy required the manufacturer to process parts in batches rather than in-line as desired.
  • Excessive Cost - Processing the stators in batches to cure the epoxy required human intervention which increased the manufacturer’s costs.
  • Unacceptable Scrap Rate - The gas oven did not provide a cure that was completely acceptable to the manufacturer, elevating scrap rates beyond an acceptable level.
  • Heat - Twenty Model 4185-25 Infrared Strip Heaters were used to apply heat to cure the epoxy.
  • System Configuration - The Infrared Strip Heaters were used to construct two ovens. Ten Heaters were used in each oven and the ovens were placed end-to-end to create a 50 inch (1720 mm), in-line heating tunnel.
  • In-Line Processing - The Infrared Strip Heater heating tunnels were installed in-line as desired by the manufacturer.
  • Shorter Curing Time - With the Infrared Strip Heaters, the manufacturer was able to cure the epoxy 29 percent faster than had been possible with the gas oven.
  • Reduced Cost - By reducing the amount of human interaction required to complete the curing process, the manufacturer was able to produce the stators for a lower cost.
  • Reduced Scrap - The new heating process reduced the manufacturer’s scrap rate by nine percent.